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Headshot of Patrick Reiner, smiling, against a neutral background.

Patrick Reiner

Hello! I’m Patrick, but feel free to call me Pat.

“Finding beautiful and uplifting wall art is not easy.”

My own search began in the summer of 2023 after moving into a new house in the sunny climes of Phoenix, Arizona. Surprisingly, finding the right pieces to decorate my new home proved much more challenging than I anticipated. After weeks of fruitless searching, my frustration peaked, and I decided to take matters into my own hands.

For over ten years, I had honed my skills in Photoshop as a professional full-stack web developer. This highly technical background, combined with my keen interest in the burgeoning field of AI-generated art, proved to be the perfect foundation for a unique approach to art creation. And so, I began crafting pieces that I wanted to see on my walls. Within days, I launched an Instagram account, just for fun, to share these creations.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. People from all walks of life and around the globe connected with the energy and emotion of my work, which encouraged me to take this endeavor even further.

“Within months, Wall Art by Pat was born.”

It was the transformation of a personal project into a thriving art destination. My wall art is a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional artistry, exploring themes of spirituality, consciousness expansion, and universal peace and love. My hope is that this energy transcends the canvas, offering you a reflection of your own beauty and magnificence.

As an AI artist, I collaborate with AI to bring my visions to life. However, what you see in my gallery is far more than AI-generated. Each piece is a labor of love, harmoniously blending AI algorithms, meticulous work in Photoshop, and hand-drawn artistry on my digital pen tablet. I dedicate between two to five full working days (up to 40 hours) to craft each artwork, ensuring that every piece is not just visually stunning but also imbued with a piece of my soul.

Beyond aesthetics, I passionately infuse my art with narratives. Whether it’s poetry, a short story, or an imaginative description, I craft words that breathe life into each artwork, taking you on a journey beyond the visual. The use of AI in art is a topic of much debate, and for me, it’s not about choosing sides but pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. My stance is simple: I use the most advanced tools available to create the best art I can.

I warmly invite you to explore my collection, where each artwork tells its own story. I hope it brightens your day and adds a splash of color to your life. Thank you for your support and for joining me on this artistic adventure.

  1. Background

    My background is highly technical, with over a decade of professional full-stack web development experience, as well as a master's degree in Mathematics.

  2. Equipment

    All my art is entirely digital—a fusion of Midjourney, manual work in Photoshop, and hand drawing on my Wacom Cintiq Pro 22 digital pen tablet.

  3. Inspiration

    My creativity draws from the deep wells of spirituality and universal interconnectedness; it aims to reflect the inherent beauty within each of us.

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  1. Rising to the Rhythm, a digital artwork by Patrick Reiner.

    “Rising to the Rhythm” is the second of two artworks celebrating Valentine’s Day 2024. A short story: ...

  2. Destined, a digital artwork by Patrick Reiner.

    “Destined” is the first of two artworks celebrating Valentine’s Day 2024. A poem: ...

  3. Chromatic Awakening, a digital artwork by Patrick Reiner.

    “Chromatic Awakening,” a short story: Ava’s life was a quiet monotony, devoid of color, ...

  4. Queen of the Quantum, a digital artwork by Patrick Reiner.

    “Queen of the Quantum,” a spoken word: A portrait of the future, hi-tech yet beguiling, ...

  5. Woodland Wings, a digital artwork by Patrick Reiner.

    “Woodland Wings,” a poem: Butterflies, butterflies all around, flying and dancing, without a sound ...

  6. Captivating Portraits, a digital artwork by Patrick Reiner.

    Turning faces into art 🎨 ...

  7. Whirlwind of Stillness, a digital artwork by Patrick Reiner.

    “Whirlwind of Stillness,” a poem: Her dress, a flame, in evening’s kiss, ...

  8. Coral Dreams, a digital artwork by Patrick Reiner.

    “Coral Dreams,” a poem: In the depths, cradled in blue, a mermaid sleeps, her rest so true ...

  9. Wanderlust Groove, a digital artwork by Patrick Reiner.

    “Wanderlust Groove” embodies a generation’s soul, immersing us in a realm of daring ...

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